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PRN Therapist

Akron, OH

This position is generally responsible for community-based outpatient behavioral health services but may be required to occasionally assist with intake including initial diagnostic assessment and treatment plan with the appropriate licensure and scope of practice and as privileged by FSOH’s direct clinical supervisor. Conducts counseling, crisis intervention and supportive services and other duties as assigned.

The clinician utilizes generally accepted therapeutic interventions that are researched/evidence-based or best practice models. Interventions must be permissible interventions under the CMS rules and/or direct funding source.

The clinician conducts an on-going treatment planning for clients served. Completes all required documentation requirements according to FSOH standard operating procedures including timelines for completion.

Participates in team meetings; and required professional development trainings. Receives administrative and clinical supervision.

Makes contacts with the client within 2 days of case assignment. Responds to client’s clinical needs in a timely and responsive way. Demonstrates positive service outcomes and overall client satisfaction.

Maintains confidentiality of PHI (Protected Health Information) in accordance with all legal mandates and FSOH Policies and Procedures including HIPAA, Mental Health Laws and 42 CFR Part 2.

Conducts oneself in a professional manner. Practices within the scope of professional licensure and code of ethics.

Provides services that meet the productivity and quality service standards of FSOH.

Works toward developing, fostering, and maintaining positive, proactive relations with other community service providers.

Performs other duties as may be assigned.

Client Care – This service provider works collaboratively with the client’s primary support system, other care providers and community agencies to facilitate and achieve treatment goals and objectives.

Efforts are centered on client needs and preferences conducted in a culturally-sensitive way. All activities must be clinically/medically necessary according to applicable rules and regulations.

Appropriate consideration for trauma issues when delivering services.

Continues to assess and monitor symptoms including lethality and propensity for violence. Evaluates to assess client’s functioning level and mental status.

Reviews client’s strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. Assesses risks and protective factors. Makes recommendations for needed changes is diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

Determines the appropriate level and intensity of service(s)/treatment that is medically necessary.


Completes all official records and documents to ensure compliance with all regulatory and accreditation bodies.

All required paperwork must be turned-in to the staff designee by 8 a.m. every Monday from the previous week. Examples: properly completed consent forms, signed treatment plans, quarterly reviews, communication logs, discharge summaries, release/exchange of information forms, etc. Also, daily individual billing and weekly timesheet. All input to the EHR must be up-to-date.

Maintains and records daily client progress notes as soon as possible, or within 24-hours of seeing the client.

Documents non-billable contacts with the clients to show history of follow-up and/or non-compliance.

Updates necessary to client demographics in EHR system must be completed by the 20th of each month

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Licensure: Licensed by the CSWMFT Board as an LSW, LISW, PC, PCC, MFT, or IMFT.
  • Education: Master’s Degree Preferred or Bachelor’s Level with Sufficient Working Knowledge of Evidence-Based Therapeutic Interventions.
  • Certification: Able to participate in First Aid, CPR, Verbal/Physical De-escalation; and FSOH required

professional development trainings.

  • Other: Valid Ohio Driver’s License. Must pass BCI check, all Corporate Compliance Checks and Employment Drug Screen.

This position description does not list all of the duties of the job and is subject to change as the position and FSOH needs evolve. The supervisor or senior management may require this employee to perform other duties and responsibilities, within reason and as appropriate to one’s qualifications.

FSO reserves the right to revise this job description at any time. The job performance is evaluated, although not exclusively, but largely upon the tasks listed in this position description.

Reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities are made in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as needed.

This position description is not a contract for guaranteed continuous employment. FSOH or the employee may terminate employment at any time, for any reason consistent with the law.

FSOH adheres to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as amended, Ohio Civil Rights Act and all applicable rules and regulations. FSO is an equal opportunity employer.

This position requires travel to both the Akron and Canton areas.

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