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Intake Specialist-Lorain

Lorain, OH

PROGRAM: Intake Specialist

REPORTS TO: Clinical Supervisor

HIPAA SECURITY: Has access to clinical records subject to the limitations as noted in FSOH Policies and Procedures pertaining to “Routine Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information”. Access is limited to activities as required by job duties and responsibilities. Staff will disclose immediately to his/her supervisor any potential conflict-of-interest pertaining to access of specific client record.

CLASSIFICATION: Salaried/Exempt Status


1. This position is primarily responsible to contact persons referred for services within 24 hours. Implements strictly FSOH no wait time policy.

2. Conducts initial intake activities according to FSOH protocol.

3. Conducts a thorough assessment and completes a Diagnostic Assessment report. The assessment must reflect person-centered, culturally sensitive and trauma informed clinical evaluation; relevant current and historical clinical information including lethality and propensity for violence. The assessment must include an evaluation of the client’s mental status; client’s strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. The assessment includes the functioning level including risk and protective factors. Determines the most appropriate level and intensity of service(s)/treatment that is medically necessary. Otherwise, the intake Coordinator identifies the need for referral (e.g. SUD treatment), further assessment (e.g. r/o developmental disability accounting for the symptoms) or make a statement that no treatment is clinically recommended. Formulates a diagnostic impression based on DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.

4. Primarily responsible for making initial contact with the school system, primary care physicians, previous mental health providers and other care/service providers. Gathers other documents including legal such as guardianship and advance directive unless such activities have been delegated to other FSOH service provider to facilitate the intake process and maintain smooth flow of operation.

5. Completes an individualized treatment plan (ITP) as soon as possible but no later than 7 days. Services “prescribed” must meet the definition of “medically necessary services” based on applicable regulatory guidelines.

6. All ISPs must be completed with the active participation of the person served. ISPs are person-centered, strength-based, focused on the defined medical needs and preferences of the person/client. Treatment planning is conducted in a culturally and trauma-sensitive way. All activities must be medically permissible according to applicable rules and regulations.

7. Diagnostic Assessment and Individualized Treatment Plan are completed according to the FSOH protocol.

8. Submits properly completed and signed Diagnostic Assessment report and Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) for review of the Clinical Supervisor within 24 hours.

9. Primarily responsible for coordinating medically necessary “medication evaluation/management appointments” unless specifically delegated to another FSOH service provider to facilitate and promote coordinated care outside of the FSOH system of care.

10. Takes lead role in care coordination if within the scope of practice and as privileged by the clinical supervisor. ISP must be approved by the supervisor prior to care coordination.

11. Submits completed client record to the Administrative Assistant to be scanned into the electronic health record. Original hard copies are maintained by the Medical Records Department.

12. Maintains a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field pertaining to job duties and responsibilities (e.g. assessment tools, evidence-based interviewing techniques, trauma-informed assessment, etc.)

13. May occasionally provide outpatient therapy, crisis intervention, Community Psychiatric Support Services (CPST), Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS), Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) and other services as directed by the Clinical Supervisor.

14. The intake Coordinator will utilize only generally accepted interviewing techniques that are researched/evidence-based or best practice models and permissible under the CMS and other regulatory guidelines.

15. No FSOH provider is privileged/allowed to conduct “investigative assessment” or forensic evaluation.

16. The intake Coordinator participates in team meetings and FSOH required professional development trainings, completes all documentation requirements according to FSOH standard operating procedures including timelines for completion.

17. The intake Coordinator works collaboratively with the person’s served primary support system, other care providers and community agencies to facilitate and coordinate treatment goals and objectives.

18. The Intake Coordinator follows all FSOH policies and procedures and regulatory standards applicable to his/her job duties and responsibilities.

19. Maintains confidentiality of PHI (Protected Health Information) in accordance with all legal mandates and FSOH Policies and Procedures.

20. Conducts oneself in a professional manner. Practices within the scope of professional licensure and code of ethics.

21. Complies with accreditation/certification standards, and FSO policies & procedures.

22. Maintains 20 billable hours of services per week.

23. Performs other duties as may be assigned.


1. Submits all paperwork on a timely basis. Documentations are complete and meet the applicable standards.

2. Submits the Referral Tracking Form to the Senior Intake Coordinator every Monday morning.

3. All required paperwork must be turned-in as required by FSOH protocol. Clinical Supervisor or designee will process documentations required by Corporate Office by 8 a.m. every Monday from the previous week. All input to the EHR must be up-to-date.

4. Maintains and records daily client progress notes as soon as possible but not to exceed 24 HOURS of seeing the client.

5. Documents non-billable contacts with the client to show history of follow-up and/or non-compliance.

6. Updates necessary client demographics information in EHR system by the 20th of each month

General Responsibilities

Demonstrates positive service outcomes and overall client satisfaction.

  • Provides services that meet the productivity and quality service standards of FSOH.
  • Cooperates and supports FSOH’s quality and performance improvement -compliance activities and initiatives.
  • Works toward developing, fostering, and maintaining positive, proactive relations with other community service providers.
  • Supports FSOH’s culture that honors individuality while promoting collaborative effort and teamwork.
  • Participates in employee surveys to promote cooperative, interactive, supportive, collective entrepreneurship.


1. Licensure: Licensed by the CSWMFT Board as an LSW, LISW, PC, PCC

2. Education: Experience in Outpatient Behavioral Health Setting preferred.

3. Certification: Able to participate in First Aid, CPR, Verbal/Physical De-escalation; and FSO required professional development trainings.

4. Other: Valid Ohio Driver’s License. Must pass BCI check, all Corporate Compliance checks and employment drug screen. Maintain valid car insurance.

This position description does not list all of the duties of the job and is subject to change as the position and FSOH needs evolve. The supervisor or senior management may require this employee to perform other duties and responsibilities, within reason, and as appropriate to one’s qualifications.

FSOH reserves the right to revise this job description at any time. The job performance is evaluated, although not exclusively, but largely upon the tasks listed in this position description.

Reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities are made in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as needed.

This position description is not a contract for guaranteed continuous employment. FSOH or the employee may terminate employment at any time, for any reason consistent with the law.

FSOH adheres to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as amended, Ohio Civil Rights Act and all applicable rules and regulations. FSOH is an equal opportunity employer. FSOH adheres to confidentiality rules and regulations under HIPAA, Mental Health Law and 42 CFR Part-2 as applicable.

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